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  • MRI (Video) for Teens

    This video shows what it's like to get an MRI.

  • Getting an MRI (Video) for Kids

    Getting an MRI doesn't hurt, but you have to be still for as long as an hour. Watch how this test is done in this video for kids.

  • Word! MRI for Kids

    MRI machines take detailed pictures of the insides of people's bodies to help doctors learn what's wrong when there's a problem.

  • Medical Tests & Procedures for Teens

    Learn about some common medical tests and procedures - how they work and why people need them - in these articles and videos for teens.

  • Videos for Teens for Teens

    Our videos explain health concepts, offer personal perspectives, and more.

  • Things for Kids

  • Movies for Kids

    Check out these quick flicks to learn more about how bodies work.

  • Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy for Parents

    Kids with juvenile myoclonic epilepsy (JME) have one or more of several different kinds of seizures, which begin around the age of puberty.

  • Infantile Spasms for Parents

    Infantile spasms (IS) is a seizure disorder in babies. The spasms usually go away by age 4, but many babies with IS will have other kinds of epilepsy later.

  • People, Places & Things That Help for Kids

    Sometimes you need help to stay healthy! Learn about the emergency room, read what a dentist does, see why stitches are super, and more.