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  • EKG (Video) for Teens

    This video shows what it's like to have an electrocardiogram (EKG for short).

  • Getting an EKG (Video) for Kids

    Getting an EKG doesn't hurt and it gives doctors important info about how your heart is beating. Watch what happens in this video for kids.

  • Medical Tests & Procedures for Teens

    Learn about some common medical tests and procedures - how they work and why people need them - in these articles and videos for teens.

  • Arrhythmias for Teens

    Arrhythmias are abnormal heartbeats usually caused by an electrical "short circuit" in the heart. Many are minor and not a significant health threat, but others can indicate a more serious problem.

  • Videos for Teens for Teens

    Our videos explain health concepts, offer personal perspectives, and more.

  • Heart & Cardiovascular System for Teens

    This section has information on health problems that can affect the heart.

  • Things for Kids

  • The Heart for Kids

    Your heart beats and sends oxygen throughout your entire body. Find out how it works and how heart problems can be fixed.

  • Movies for Kids

    Check out these quick flicks to learn more about how bodies work.

  • People, Places & Things That Help for Kids

    Sometimes you need help to stay healthy! Learn about the emergency room, read what a dentist does, see why stitches are super, and more.