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  • Your Changing Body: Answers for Girls With Autism for Teens

    Now that you're older, your body may be changing. This is a normal part of growing up. Here's what's going on.

  • Word! Puberty for Kids

    Everyone goes through puberty, even though it sometimes feels like you're the only one!

  • Understanding Puberty for Parents

    Puberty was awkward enough when you were the one going through it. So how can you help your kids through all the changes?

  • Puberty & Growing Up for Kids

    For info about your changing body and mind and the kinds of issues that older kids face, this is the place.

  • Boys and Puberty for Kids

    On the way to becoming a man, a boy's body will go through a lot of changes, including your body growing bigger, your voice changing, and hair sprouting everywhere. Find out more.

  • Girl Stuff for Kids

    Want to find out about the body changes that affect girls as they get older? This is the place.

  • Your Changing Body: Answers for Girls With Autism for Kids

    As you get older, your body will change -- this is part of growing up. Here's what to expect.

  • Sexual & Reproductive System - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn about conditions that can affect puberty or the reproductive organs.

  • Gynecomastia for Teens

    Puberty can be confusing, especially when unexpected changes happen. Learn what gynecomastia is and why it happens.

  • Sexual Development for Parents

    Big physical and emotional changes happen during puberty and the teen years. These articles can help you become a source of information, comfort, and support for your kids.