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  • Hives (Urticaria) for Teens

    Hives cause raised red bumps or welts on the skin. They're pretty common and usually not serious. Find out what to do about hives in this article for teens.

  • Hives (Urticaria) for Parents

    Has your child broken out in welts? It could be a case of the hives. Learn how to soothe itchy bumps and help your child feel better.

  • Word! Hives for Kids

    Hives are pink or red bumps or slightly raised patches of skin that can appear due to an allergic reaction.

  • Help With Hives for Kids

    Hives are red, itchy blotches that can appear because of an allergic reaction. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Word! Urticaria for Kids

    Urticaria is the fancy name for hives.

  • Rashes for Kids

    Learn about rashes in a flash. Check out our article just for kids!

  • Food Allergies for Parents

    Food allergies can cause serious and even deadly reactions in kids, so it's important to know how to feed a child with food allergies and to prevent reactions.

  • Food Allergies for Teens

    Doctors are diagnosing more and more people with food allergies. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with food allergies can make a big difference in preventing serious illness.

  • Word! H for Kids

    Find out about medical and health terms that start with H.

  • Allergies & Immune System for Kids for Kids

    Trouble with the immune system can cause some medical problems, like allergies. In this section, you can find out more about allergies and other immune system problems.