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  • Allergy Testing for Teens

    Doctors use several different types of allergy tests, depending on what a person may be allergic to. Find out what to expect from allergy tests.

  • Food Allergies Factsheet (for Schools) for Parents

    What teachers should know about food allergies, and how to help students avoid or deal with allergic reactions.

  • Food Allergies for Parents

    Food allergies can cause serious and even deadly reactions in kids, so it's important to know how to feed a child with food allergies and to prevent reactions.

  • Going to School With Food Allergies for Parents

    With preparation and education, a child with a food allergy can stay safe at school.

  • Food Allergies for Kids

    Struggling with strawberries? Petrified of peanuts? Sorry you ate shellfish? Maybe you have a food allergy. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Milk Allergy for Parents

    Milk allergy can cause serious reactions. Find out how to keep kids safe.

  • Food Allergy Resources for Educators - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Info for educators who teach kids with food allergies.

  • Learning About Allergies for Kids

    During an allergic reaction, your body's immune system goes into overdrive. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Fish Allergy for Parents

    Fish allergy can cause a serious reaction. Find out how to keep kids safe.

  • How Do Doctors Test for Food Allergies? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.