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  • Week 31 for Parents

    By now, the milk glands in your breasts may have started to make colostrum, the milk that will feed the baby in the first few days if you decide to breastfeed.

  • Week 17 for Parents

    Your baby is still very tiny at about 5.1 inches from crown to rump this week.

  • Week 35 for Parents

    Because of increasing size, your baby is now cramped and restricted inside the uterus. Fetal movements may decrease, but feel stronger and more forceful.

  • Week 20 for Parents

    You're now halfway through your pregnancy and possibly feeling your baby's first movements, which may begin between weeks 18 and 20.

  • Week 23 for Parents

    You may feel more forceful movements — your baby's daily workout routine includes moving the muscles in the fingers, toes, arms, and legs.

  • Week 37 for Parents

    This week, your baby continues to gain weight — at half an ounce a day!

  • Week 7 for Parents

    The umbilical cord has formed, and the mouth, nostrils, ears, and eyes are some of the facial features that become more defined this week. The arm bud now has a hand on the end of it, which looks like a tiny paddle.

  • Week 38 for Parents

    At this point, you may be taking frequent trips to the bathroom. That's because your baby is engaged in your pelvis, so your bladder is extremely compressed.

  • Calendar - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    A weekly guide to changes in your baby, and you!

  • Week 40 for Parents

    Your baby is here! Or maybe not — most women, especially first-time moms, don't deliver on their estimated due dates.