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  • Vaccines & Antibiotics: A Safe Combo? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Flu Center Content List - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn all about protecting your family from the flu and what to do if your child gets flu-like symptoms.

  • Whooping Cough (Pertussis) for Parents

    Pertussis is characterized by severe coughing spells that end in a whooping sound when the person breathes in. It can be prevented with the pertussis vaccine, part of the DTaP immunization.

  • Treatment - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    How to care for your child with the flu.

  • Mumps for Parents

    Mumps is a viral infection that causes telltale swelling and pain in the salivary glands. With the help of the mumps vaccine, it's preventable.

  • Flu Q&A - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Top questions about preventing and treating the flu.

  • Immunizations - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Find out what vaccines your child needs to stay well and when to get them.

  • Pneumonia for Parents

    Pneumonia is a lung infection that can be caused by different types of germs, most commonly viruses. Read about symptoms and treatment.

  • Immunizations - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Do you know what vaccines your child needs and when? Find out here.

  • The Flu (Influenza) for Parents

    Flu symptoms tend to come on quickly and are worse than the sneezing and stuffiness of a cold. The flu is very contagious. Find out what to do in this article for parents.