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  • Noonan Syndrome for Parents

    Noonan syndrome is a condition that some babies are born with. It causes changes in the face and chest, and usually includes heart problems.

  • Your Child's Growth for Parents

    From the moment parents greet their newborn, they watch the baby's progress eagerly. But how can they tell if their child is growing properly?

  • When Should Kids Start Using Deodorant? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Sexual Orientation for Parents

    During the teen years, sexual feelings are awakened in new ways because of the hormonal and physical changes of puberty. It takes time for many kids to understand who they are and who they're becoming. Part of that understanding includes a person's sexual feelings and attractions.

  • Your Child's Checkup: 11 Years for Parents

    Find out what this doctor's visit will involve when your child is 11.

  • Your Child's Checkup: 12 Years for Parents

    Find out what this doctor's visit will involve when your child is 12.

  • Growth and Your 13- to 18-Year-Old for Parents

    Kids entering puberty will undergo many changes in their developing bodies. Find out more about what to expect.

  • Talking to Your Child About Puberty for Parents

    Talking to kids about puberty is an important job for parents, especially because kids often hear about sex and relationships from unreliable sources. Here are some tips.

  • Talking to Your Kids About STDs for Parents

    Your kids need to understand how STDs spread and how to protect themselves. Here's how to talk to them about sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Talking to Your Child About Periods for Parents

    Kids reaching puberty should already know what's going to happen to their bodies. Here are some tips for talking to your daughter about menstruation.