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  • Parent-Teacher Conferences for Parents

    Attending parent–teacher conferences is a great way to help your kids succeed at school. Here's what to do before, during, and after the meeting.

  • School & Family Life for Parents

    All parents need a little advice now and then. Get the lowdown on parenting basics like discipline, homework help, and how to talk to your child about tough subjects, like sex, tobacco, and alcohol. Plus, find out where you can turn for help and support.

  • ADHD Factsheet (for Schools) for Parents

    What teachers should know about ADHD, and teaching strategies to help students with ADHD succeed in school.

  • Finding Low-Cost Mental Health Care for Teens

    If you need mental health care but don't think you can afford it, you're not alone. Get tips on finding low-cost or free mental health care in this article for teens.

  • Teacher's Guide: The Five Senses (PreK to Grade 2) for Educators

    You use them every day to get to know and understand the world around you. What are they? Your senses! The five senses - seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and touching - help us to learn about our surroundings. The following discussion questions and activities will help your students explore their senses - what they are and how they work.

  • Teacher’s Guide: Vision (PreK to Grade 2) for Educators

    These discussion questions and activities will help your students understand how humans are able to see and what they can do to protect their eyes and vision.