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  • Sex During Pregnancy for Parents

    Like many parents-to-be, you might have questions about the safety of sex and what's "normal." That can vary widely, but you can be sure that your sex life will change during pregnancy.

  • Birth Control, Pregnancy & STD Q&A for Teens for Teens

    See answers to some common questions about avoiding pregnancy and STDs.

  • Fertility Awareness for Parents

    Fertility awareness is a way to try to prevent pregnancy by not having sex around the time of ovulation. It is not a reliable birth control method for most people.

  • About the Birth Control Pill for Parents

    Discussing issues like abstinence, STDs, and birth control can help lower teens' risk of unintended pregnancy or getting an STD. The birth control pill (also called "the Pill") is a daily pill that is taken to prevent pregnancy.

  • When's the Best Time to Have Sex and Avoid Pregnancy? for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • About the Diaphragm for Parents

    A diaphragm may be a birth control good option for young women who can take responsibility in advance. Find out more.

  • Can a Girl Get Pregnant the First Time She Has Sex? for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Abstinence for Teens

    Abstinence is the only form of birth control that is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy. Abstinence also protects people against STDs.

  • About Emergency Contraception for Parents

    Emergency contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex; for example, if a condom breaks or slips off during sex.

  • Pregnancy - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn all about your pregnancy