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  • Prenatal Test: Amniocentesis for Parents

    This test takes a sample of the amniotic fluid. In the second trimester, it can show signs of chromosomal disorders, genetic problems, and neural tube defects. In the third trimester, it can check for infection and Rh incompatibility, and reveal if a baby's lungs are strong enough to breathe normally after birth.

  • Prenatal Test: Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS) for Parents

    A chorionic villus sampling (CVS) checks cells from the placenta for chromosomal abnormalities. Most women whose pregnancies are not high-risk don't need this test.

  • Prenatal Test: Percutaneous Umbilical Blood Sampling (PUBS) for Parents

    This quick test examines fetal blood directly from the umbilical cord. It's used to detect disorders in the fetus.

  • Genetic Testing for Parents

    Advances in genetic testing help doctors diagnose and treat certain illnesses. The type of test done depends on which condition a doctor checks for.

  • Prenatal Tests: Second Trimester for Parents

    Find out what tests may be offered to you during weeks 13 through 26 of pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn all about your pregnancy

  • Prenatal Test: First Trimester Screening for Parents

    The first trimester screening (or first trimester screen) includes a blood test and an ultrasound exam. It's done to see if a fetus is at risk for a chromosomal abnormality or birth defect.

  • Prenatal Genetic Counseling for Parents

    Genetic counselors work with people who are either planning to have a baby or are pregnant to determine whether they carry the genes for certain inherited disorders. Find out more.

  • Rh Incompatibility During Pregnancy for Parents

    If you just found out you're pregnant, one of the first tests you should expect is a blood-type test. This basic test determines your blood type and Rh factor, which may play an important role in your baby's health.

  • Prenatal Test: Ultrasound for Parents

    A prenatal ultrasound is a safe and painless test that shows a baby's shape and position. It can be done in the first, second, or third trimester of pregnancy.