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  • Nursing Positions for Parents

    If you're a new mom, breastfeeding your baby can feel like a challenge. Check out this article for information on common nursing positions, proper latching-on techniques, and how to know if your baby is getting enough to eat.

  • Your Child’s Development: 4 Months for Parents

    Doctors use certain milestones to tell if a baby is developing as expected. Here are some things your baby might be doing this month.

  • Breastfeeding FAQs: Pain and Discomfort for Parents

    Here are answers to some common questions about preventing and reducing breastfeeding discomfort, such as nipple and breast pain.

  • Breastfeeding FAQs: Getting Your Baby to Latch for Parents

    Here are answers to some common questions about getting a good latch, making sure your baby is drinking, taking your baby off the breast, and more.

  • All About Breastfeeding for Parents

    Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned parenting pro, breastfeeding often comes with its fair share of questions. Here are some answers to common inquiries that mothers - new and veteran - may have.

  • Breastfeeding FAQs: Supply and Demand for Parents

    Here are answers to some common questions about your milk supply - from having too much to having too little.

  • Parenting Multiples for Parents

    Parents of twins (or more!) can feel as if they've left the hospital and arrived home on a different planet. Here's how to cope.

  • Birthing Centers and Hospital Maternity Services for Parents

    Where you choose to give birth is an important decision. Is a hospital or a birth center right for you? Knowing the facts can help you make your decision.

  • Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate: Feeding Your Child for Parents

    Babies born with a cleft may need some feeding help from special bottle systems. Find out what's available and how they work.

  • Birth Plans for Parents

    The reality of labor and birth may seem extremely far off - but now's the time to start planning for your baby by creating a birth plan that details your wishes.