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  • Word! Kawasaki Disease for Kids

    Kawasaki disease is pretty rare. Kids who have it may have a fever for up to two weeks.

  • Kawasaki Disease for Parents

    Kawasaki disease is an illness that causes inflammation in blood vessels throughout the body. When symptoms are noticed early and treated, kids begin to feel better within a few days.

  • Word! K for Kids

    OK, let's talk about all the medical and health terms that begin with "K."

  • Heart Conditions - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Health problems that can affect the heart.

  • Allergies & the Immune System - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn all about allergic reactions and other problems of the immune system.

  • Aortic Aneurysm for Parents

    An aortic aneurysm is weak spot in the large artery that carries blood from the heart (the aorta). Kids who have one need regular checkups and care to prevent emergencies.

  • Cholesterol for Parents

    Most parents probably don't think about what cholesterol means for their kids. But high cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease, which has its roots in childhood.

  • Blood Test: Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) for Parents

    An erythrocyte sedimentation rate test (ESR) detects inflammation that may be caused by infection and some autoimmune diseases.

  • Heart & Blood Vessels - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Learn about conditions that may affect the heart and circulatory system.

  • Heart Health Content List - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Are you heart smart? Learn more about this amazing muscle, including how to care for kids with heart conditions.