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  • Flu Center Content List for Parents

    Learn all about protecting your family from the flu and what to do if your child gets flu-like symptoms.

  • Is the Flu Vaccine a Good Idea for Your Family? for Parents

    The flu vaccine is a good idea for all families. It does not cause the flu, and it helps keep kids and parents from getting sick.

  • Flu Q&A for Parents

    Top questions about preventing and treating the flu.

  • Flu & Pregnancy for Parents

    Info on vaccines during pregnancy, and more.

  • Prevention for Parents

    Info on the flu vaccine and preventing the spread of the flu.

  • The Flu Vaccine for Teens

    Doctors recommend that all teens get vaccinated against the flu. The good news is, it doesn't have to be a shot. Here are the facts on flu vaccines.

  • Cold & Flu Review for Parents

    Read all about the cold and the flu, and what you can do to help combat both in your family.

  • Immunizations for Parents

    Do you know what vaccines your child needs and when? Find out here.

  • All About Flu for Parents

    Learn how to spot the flu, how to treat it, and more.

  • Your Kid's Body for Parents

    Advice on common conditions and ways to keep kids healthy.