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  • What Makes Chickenpox Itch? for Kids

    Chickenpox can make you itch like crazy. Find out why in this article for kids.

  • Chickenpox for Parents

    Chickenpox used to be common in kids, causing a very itchy red rash all over the body. But the good news is that a vaccine can prevent most cases.

  • Word! Varicella Zoster for Kids

    This is the medical name for the virus that causes chicken pox, which is known for its red, itchy bumps.

  • Chickenpox for Kids

    Chickenpox is a virus that causes red, itchy bumps. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Word! Virus for Kids

    Viruses are a type of germ. They're very tiny, and when they get inside your body, they can make you sick.

  • Word! Contagious for Kids

    There's a good reason your parent tells you to cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough!

  • Infections Kids Can Get for Kids

    Infections are easily spread and kids get them all the time. Read our articles on infections to find out more about how to prevent them and treat them.

  • Shingles for Parents

    Shingles isn't very common in kids - it mostly affects older people. Find out what causes shingles, symptoms to watch for, and what to do if your child has it.

  • What Is "PANS"? for Parents

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Smallpox for Parents

    If you're wondering what smallpox is and why people sometimes worry about it, get the facts here.