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  • How to Safely Give Acetaminophen for Parents

    What kind? How much? How often? Find out how to give this pain and fever medicine.

  • First Aid: The Flu for Parents

    Telltale signs of the flu include a sore throat, body aches and fever. Here's what to do if your child has the flu.

  • First Aid: Fever for Parents

    Fevers are usually not cause for alarm - they're the body's way of fighting infection. Here's what to do if your child has a fever.

  • First Aid: Headaches for Parents

    Headaches are rarely a sign of something serious. Here's what to do if your child has a headache.

  • Arthrogram for Parents

    An arthrogram is a test done to look inside a joint for injuries or other problems.

  • Meatoplasty for Parents

    The treatment for meatal stenosis is a simple procedure to make the opening of the meatus bigger called a meatoplasty.

  • Cold & Flu Review for Parents

    Read all about the cold and the flu, and what you can do to help combat both in your family.

  • Giving Opioid Prescription Pain Medicine: What Parents Need to Know for Parents

    If your child’s health care provider prescribed a prescription pain medicine that contains an opioid, you probably have many questions about how to use it safely. Get answers here.

  • Treatment for Parents

    How to care for your child with the flu.

  • Medicine for Parents

    Info on medicines, therapies, and other treatments.