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  • Word! Nasal Cavity for Kids

    The nasal cavity is the inside of your nose.

  • Your Nose for Kids

    Your nose helps you breathe, smell, and taste. Find out how in this article for kids.

  • Word! N for Kids

    Check out the medical and health terms that start with N.

  • When Sinuses Attack! for Kids

    Sinuses are hollow spaces in your head that can fill with mucus when you're all stuffed up. Find out more in this article for kids.

  • Nasopharyngoscopy for Parents

    A nasopharyngoscopy is an exam doctors do to view the back of the throat.

  • Speech-Language Therapy for Children With Cleft Palate for Parents

    Speech-language pathologists help kids with speech problems related to a cleft palate. Find out what they do.

  • Mouth and Teeth for Teens

    Did you know that your mouth is the first step in the body's digestive process? Or that the mouth and teeth are essential for speech? Learn about the many roles your mouth and teeth play.

  • Mouth and Teeth for Parents

    Our mouth and teeth play an important role in our daily lives. Here's a course on the basics - including common problems of the mouth and teeth.

  • Kids' Medical Dictionary for Kids

    Symptoms, inhaler, tonsillectomy - what do all those medical words mean? Check out our virtual glossary for lots of easy-to-read definitions.

  • Adenoids and Adenoidectomies for Kids

    Just what are adenoids? And why do kids sometimes have to get their adenoids removed? Get the answers here.