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  • Word! Fever for Kids

    You've probably noticed that sometimes when you're sick, you feel really hot one minute and then freezing cold the next.

  • Word! Hay Fever for Kids

    No, hay fever's not when a horse is sick!

  • Word! Scarlet Fever for Kids

    Scarlet fever is an infection caused by the same bacteria that cause strep throat. It's called scarlet fever because it causes a red, bumpy rash over most of the body.

  • Word! Yellow Fever for Kids

    Yellow fever is a disease caused by a virus carried by mosquitoes. It's called yellow fever because it can cause jaundice, which turns the skin yellow.

  • Word! Roseola for Kids

    Roseola is a sickness that mostly affects babies and toddlers. It can cause a high fever and a rash on the belly or chest.

  • Word! Symptoms for Kids

    When you're sick, you usually have symptoms - body changes like a fever that let you know something's not right.

  • What's a Fever? for Kids

    What are fevers? Why do kids get them? Get the facts on temperatures and fevers in this article for kids.

  • Word! Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease for Kids

    Hand, foot, and mouth disease can cause fever and blisters on the hands and feet and in the mouth and throat.

  • Word! Kawasaki Disease for Kids

    Kawasaki disease is pretty rare. Kids who have it may have a fever for up to two weeks.

  • Word! Y for Kids

    Why not learn the health and medical words that start with Y?