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  • Word! Ear Canal for Kids

    You'll need a mirror to do it, but take a good look at your ear.

  • Swimmer's Ear for Kids

    You swam! You splashed! And now you have it: swimmer's ear.

  • Word! Semicircular Canals for Kids

    Your semicircular canals are three tiny, fluid-filled tubes in your inner ear that help you keep your balance.

  • Your Ears for Kids

    Now hear this! Here's an article about ears. Find out how your amazing ears do their amazing job.

  • Word! Tragus for Kids

    That little bump on the outside of your ear canal is called the tragus.

  • Taking Care of Your Ears for Kids

    How do you take care of your ears? Find out in this article for kids.

  • Word! E for Kids

    Learn about health and medical words that begin with the letter e.

  • Hearing Evaluation in Children for Parents

    Hearing problems can be overcome if they're caught early, so it's important to get your child's hearing screened early and checked regularly.

  • Word! External Otitis for Kids

    Many kids have had an ear infection known as external otitis.

  • Word! Eardrum for Kids

    Your eardrum is a really important part of your ear.