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  • Word! Bowels for Kids

    Bowels are your intestines, and bowel movements are the stuff that's in them (otherwise known as poop).

  • Word! Irritable Bowel Syndrome for Kids

    Irritable bowel syndrome happens when the muscles in the large intestine have trouble doing their job.

  • Word! Fiber for Kids

    Foods with fiber are really good for you and your bowels!

  • Word! Anus for Kids

    The anus is the opening where your bowel movements (also known as poop) come out.

  • Word! Laxatives for Kids

    Laxatives are medicines that help you out when your bowels aren't moving.

  • Word! I for Kids

    Learn about health and medical words that begin with the letter I.

  • Word! Encopresis for Kids

    Encopresis, or soiling, happens when kids don't feel the urge to have a bowel movement (go poop).

  • Word! Constipation for Kids

    Sometimes your bowel movements - you know, the stuff inside your intestines we call poop - might be hard and dry.

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome for Kids

    Having irritable bowel syndrome can make a kid feel awful. The good news is that kids can take steps to feel better.

  • Word! Diarrhea for Kids

    If you've ever had a bad time in the bathroom, then you know what this is.