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  • Kids Talk About: Friends (Video) for Kids

    What do kids think about friends and friendship? Hear what they had to say.

  • Kids Talk About: Life (Video) for Kids

    What do kids really think about life's ups and downs? Find out in this video series.

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  • Q&A for Kids for Kids

    What's earwax? Why do I have a belly button? What's a burp? You asked and we answered! Check out the answers to all your health questions.

  • What to Say: Answers for Kids With Autism for Kids

    Knowing what to say comes naturally for some kids, but others need some help. Learn how to start a conversation, keep it going, and more.

  • Teacher's Guide: Getting Along (Grades 3 to 5) for Educators

    Learning how to get along, handle disagreements, and be friendly and fair are important skills kids will use throughout their lives. These activities will help your students understand the importance of getting along.