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  • Word! Heredity for Kids

    If people say you look like your parents, they're probably talking about heredity.

  • Talking to Parents About Depression for Teens

    If you feel depressed, you need to reach out for help and support. Read our tips for teens on talking to parents about depression.

  • Talking to Your Parents for Kids

    Sometimes you really need to talk with mom or dad. But it's not always easy. Here are tips on how to have a good talk.

  • Kids Talk About Death for Parents

    Kids talk about what it feels like to lose a loved one, and how they handle their grief and help others.

  • Kids Talk About Crushes for Parents

    Even young kids can be sweet on someone. Hear what kids say about the one who makes their heart go pitter-patter.

  • Kids Talk About Siblings for Parents

    Whether siblings bicker all the time or are the best of friends, they still love each other. Hear what kids have to say about having a brother or sister.

  • Kids Talk About Friends for Parents

    Learn what qualities kids look for in a friend.

  • Talking to the Pharmacist for Parents

    If your child is sick, you'll probably have many questions to ask your doctor. But have you made a list of questions and concerns to share with your pharmacist?

  • Kids Talk About Bullying (video) for Parents

    Hear what kids say about being bullied, and how they handle it.

  • Teens Talk About Health (Video) for Parents

    Hear from teens who are managing health problems, and find out how they take care of their health.