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  • The Flu: Stop the Spread for Kids

    Follow these tips to help prevent the spread of the flu.

  • Flu Facts for Teens

    Every year from October to May, millions of people across the United States come down with the flu. Get the facts on the flu - including how to avoid it.

  • Flu Center for Kids

    The flu can make you sick for a week or more. Find out how to get protected from the influenza virus.

  • The Flu (Influenza) for Parents

    Flu symptoms tend to come on quickly and are worse than the sneezing and stuffiness of a cold. The flu is very contagious. Find out what to do in this article for parents.

  • When Can I Go Back to School If I Have the Flu? for Teens

    Find out what the experts have to say.

  • Flu Center for Kids for Kids

    You don' t want the flu. Find out more about this virus and how a flu shot can keep you from getting sick.

  • Prevention - Nemours KidsHealth for Parents

    Info on the flu vaccine and preventing the spread of the flu.

  • Flu Center for Teens for Teens

    Get the basics on how flu spreads and how to protect yourself.

  • Is It a Cold or the Flu? for Parents

    The flu usually makes kids feel worse than if they have a cold. But it's not always easy to tell the difference. Here are tips on what to look for — and what to do.

  • Hand Washing: Why It's So Important for Parents

    Washing your hands well and often is the best way to keep from getting sick. Here's how to teach this all-important habit to your kids.