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Clubfoot: Putting the Shoes On

Clubfoot: Putting the Shoes On

The orthopedic care team will teach you how to put on your baby's shoes and then attach them to the brace. First, they'll show you how to do this on a doll until you feel confident in your abilities. Older kids and other family members might also want to learn how to do this.

It's important to be sure your baby's feet are positioned correctly in the shoes or boots. Here's how:



  1. First, put soft, thin cotton socks (never terrycloth or another thick material) on your baby. Make sure the socks fit snugly (no wrinkles or sags) and are long enough to go above the top of the shoe.
  2. Open all the flaps of the shoe and move them and the straps out of the way.
  3. Slide your child's foot into the shoe, making sure the heel is all the way down and at the back of the shoe. Press down with your thumb to keep the foot in place.
  4. Holding the foot securely in the shoe, put the shoe's tongue over the middle of the foot.
  5. Always tighten the middle strap first. It should be snug enough that you can't wiggle the foot.
  6. Then, tighten the top strap over the ankle, followed by the third strap near the toes. It can help to mark the hole on each strap so you know exactly where to buckle it.

As the care team showed you, look through the holes in the back of the shoe to make sure that the heels are all the way down and back. You should not be able to wiggle the feet in the shoes.