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  • Asthma Story: Jordan (Video) for Parents

    A teen talks about living with asthma, and how the condition motivates him to be active.

  • Seasonal Allergies (Hay Fever) for Parents

    At various times of the year, pollen and mold spores trigger the cold-like symptoms associated with seasonal allergies. Most kids find relief through reduced exposure to allergens or with medicines.

  • Allergy Testing for Teens

    Doctors use several different types of allergy tests, depending on what a person may be allergic to. Find out what to expect from allergy tests.

  • Personal Stories: Asthma for Parents

    Hear from others living with asthma.

  • Allergies for Teens

    Your eyes itch, your nose is running, you're sneezing, and you're covered in hives. The enemy known as allergies has struck again.

  • Asthma: Jordan's Story (Video) for Teens

    Jordan has had asthma since age 2. In this video for teens he talks about what he did to get it under control.

  • All About Allergies for Parents

    Millions of Americans, including many kids, have an allergy. Find out how allergies are diagnosed and how to keep them under control.

  • Personal Stories for Parents

    Get firsthand accounts from parents, kids, and teens facing health problems or other challenges, and learn what works for them.

  • Videos for Parents

    Our videos help parents learn more about their kids' health and medical conditions.

  • Learning About Allergies for Kids

    During an allergic reaction, your body's immune system goes into overdrive. Find out more in this article for kids.